CLAY & WAX - starting at $160/up

• Pressure Wash / Hand Prep
• Hand use of clay bar over paint to remove contaminants
• Apply Wax by hand
• Tire Dressing
• Vacuum Interior
• Clean Windows (in/out)

INTERIOR DETAIL - starting at $200 for small / $260 mid/large vehicles
(depending on condition of vehicle)

• Pressure Wash / Hand Prep
• Clean and Condition Dash, Door Panels, Cup Holder, Center Console, Visor
• Air Compress Nooks and Crannies
• Shampoo Carpet
• Shampoo Floor Mats
• Shampoo Cloth Seats or Clean and Condition Leather Seats
• Clean Headliner
• Clean Windows (in/out)
• Shampoo Trunk
• Tire Dressing

EXTERIOR DETAIL - starting at $220 for small / $320 mid-large vehicles

• Pressure Wash / Hand Prep
• Buff / Polish Treatment to remove micro scratches, rough touch, oxidation of paint
• Clean Door/Trunk Jambs
• Includes “The Works” services

COMPLETE DETAIL - starting at $450

• Includes services from both Interior Detail and Exterior Detail


CERAMIC COATING - starting at $525

• Includes “Exterior Detail”, plus
• Ceramic Coating
- is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle's factory paint, creating a layer of protection. It provides much higher durability than wax. They resist heat, UV rays, environmental contaminants and harsh detergents.

CARPET EXPRESS DETAIL- starting at $120

• Pressure Wash / Hand Prep
• Vacuum Interior
• Shampoo Carpet
• Wash floor mats
• Wipe Down Dash, Door Panels
• Clean Windows

HEADLIGHTS RESTORATION - starting at $50 (2 max). Additional for more lights.

Additional Detail Services

Shampoo Cloth Seats $25 ea single seat / $50 back seat or Leather Treatment

Express Spray Wax $50 in addition to an Exterior Wash (an exterior wash must be purchased). This wax is sprayed and cleaned by hand.


You wouldn't think that a business that relies on water as much as we do would be concerned about the rising consumption of this natural resource. But we are!
We've always been an environmentally friendly car wash, capturing 100% of our car wash water. When you wash your car at home you'll use on average of 100 plus gallons of fresh water for each wash.
Our mini-water treatment facility enables us to give you the finest car wash process available, while also being clean and green. It's a win for you, your car and the environment.